Group Operating Procedures (GOP)

(Reviewed June 2015)
























Honorary Membership



Spousal Privileges - Living Member






Meeting Notifications



Elected Officers:






    First Vice President



    Second Vice President



    Recording Secretary



    Corresponding Secretary






Standing Committees:
























Ad-Hoc Committees



    By Laws






    Blood Bank Coordinator



    Spring Luncheon



    Fall Luncheon









The Group Operating Procedures (GOP), are an adjunct to the By-Laws of the UNISYS BLUE BELL RETIREES GROUP and as such shall contain policies, rules, regulations and procedures that are consistent and in concert with the By-Laws of the Group to establish the manner, methods, and persons necessary to govern and administer the business of the Group.

The Executive Committee, by a simple majority, shall have full power to adopt and amend the GOP at any time.

The Executive Committee shall annually, during the second quarter of the calendar year, review the entire GOP for accuracy and compliance.

The positions and duties specified in the GOP are established for the good and welfare of the Group.  The lack of volunteers to run for office or chair a committee may create vacancies necessitating the temporary reduction or possible elimination of some functions.

Copies of the GOP shall be dated and distributed to all members of the Executive Committee.  Copies will be made available to the general membership upon request.




1.  The conduct of a member is deemed to be out of order when in word, action or unacceptable conduct at a meeting or Group sponsored affair, he/she is offensive to the body or an individual member, this action shall be subject to a review by the Executive Committee and the member may face possible termination of membership.




1.  The annual dues are $7.00 per year per member.

2.  Payment is due by December 31st for the following calendar year.

3.  Payment shall be made in cash or check, payable to "UNISYS Blue Bell Retirees Group", and directed to the Membership Chairperson.




1.  Honorary members shall be persons, not necessarily those who qualify as a regular member, recommended and approved by a simple majority of the Executive Committee.

2.  Honorary members are exempt from paying annual dues.

3.  Honorary members have all the rights and privileges of a regular member.

4.  Upon approval, the Corresponding Secretary shall notify the individual of his/her appointment by letter.




1.  Are invited and encouraged to attend and participate in all Group meetings and activities.

2.  May serve as a member of any committee.

3.  May serve as the Chairperson of any standing committee.

4.  Only have voting rights if they are an elected officer, chairperson or member of a committee.




1. An announcement for open nominations to be made in Sept. NewsBits.

    Nominations for President, 1st and 2nd Vice President, Treasurer

     and Recording and Corresponding Secretaries will be accepted from the

     membership until Oct.31.


2. The chairperson of the Nominating Committee shall recruit at least one

     (1)member to assist him/her in the nominating process at least 4 months

     prior to the bi-annual January election of group officers.


3. Any candidate for office must be a member of the group who consents to

    serve if elected. No member of the Nominating Committee can be a

    candidate for office.


4. At the Nov. Exec. meeting any nominations from membership must be

    validated and presented by the Nominating Committee. Also a slate of

    candidates from Nominating Committee is to be presented at that time.


5. The Slate will be known and presented at the Nov. Exec. meeting.

    The Slate of candidates for uncontested positions, and a ballot

    for contested positions (if any) will be published in Dec. NewsBits in

    time for the Jan. elections.


 6. Eligibility to vote on a ballot (contested position) is limited to

     those members who have paid their dues for the current year. Therefor

     each contested ballot must contain a legibly printed name of the voting



7. At the Jan. meeting elections will be held. Voice vote of acclimation

     for uncontested positions, and ballot count/hand raising for contested



8. The election results will be presented by the Nominating Committee at

    Feb. Exec and  General meetings and published in March NewsBits.           





1.  Notices of all scheduled or special meetings shall be mailed to any member requesting notification.

2.  The list of those requesting notification is maintained by the combined efforts of the Recording Secretary and the Membership Chairperson by reviewing requests for notification and attendance records.






1.  Presides at all Executive Committee and General Membership meetings.

2.  Responsible for operations of the Group in compliance with the By-Laws and GOP.

3.  Appoints all Standing Committee Chairpersons.

4.  Appoints two (2) Trustees to serve on the Executive Committee during his/her term in office.

5.  May invite members or non-members to attend and/or participate in any meeting to act as advisors in specific areas of expertise such as laws, finance and administration as deemed necessary.

6.  May establish a Special Interest Committee or Task Force or ad hoc committee as appropriate, to serve the purpose of the Group.

7.  Shall be an ex-officio member of all committees of the Group, except the Nominating Committee.

8.  May appoint a special assistant to provide assistance to any officer requiring help in the performance of his/her office.


9.  Shall take no action binding upon the Group without prior authorization of the Executive Committee.


First Vice President:


1.  Shall assist the President in conducting the business and affairs of the Group.

2.  Shall perform the duties of President in the President's absence.


Second Vice President:


1.  Shall carry out any special tasks delegated by the President and provide assistance to the President and First Vice President when necessary.


Recording Secretary:


1.  Takes minutes at all Executive Committee and General Membership meetings.  Maintains accurate records and historical files of these minutes.

2.  Responsible for custody of the Group By-Laws and Operating Procedures

3.  Provides copies of documents as required.

4.  Transfers control of these records and documents to the successor in office.


Corresponding Secretary:


1.  Provides the typing and mailing of any correspondence pertaining to the Group.

2.  Provides assistance to the Recording Secretary when necessary.

3.  Prepares and mails timely notices of all meetings as requested.




1.  Receives and disburses all group funds under the direction and approval of the Executive Committee.

2.  Maintains accurate records of all accounts and financial transactions of the Group.

3.  Shall make financial reports at all meetings of the Group.

4.  Funds cannot be drawn from accounts without the signatures of two officers.

5.  Shall notify the Membership Chairperson of any dues moneys received.

6.  Shall transfer all financial records and undistributed funds to the successor in office.




1.  Appointed by the President, two (2) members in good standing who have shown an interest in the functioning and success of the group.

2.  Shall participate by attending and contributing to Executive Committee meetings and the functions of the group.








Membership Committee:


1.  Maintains an accurate and up-to-date list of all members who have paid their dues.

2.  Periodically publishes a complete list of members or an addendum list of new members.

3.  The Membership List shall not be used for soliciting or commercial purposes unless authorized by the Executive Committee.

4.  Responsible for the recruiting of new members.


Travel Committee:


1.       Responsible for organizing and promoting social tours.


Communications Committee:


1.   Assists the Editor in all necessary efforts to publish and distribute the group newsletter,             "NEWSBITS".

2.  To maintain liaison between Retiree Group and Unisys and between the Unisys Retiree Group and other Retiree groups around the country.


Sunshine Committee:


1.  Members are the Chairperson and any number of volunteers wishing to assist.

2.  Appropriately responds to the illness or death of a member and hopefully, more frequently reports good news pertaining to a member.

3.  The type of response, phone, cards, flowers, fruit, etc. and the amount spent on any committee activity is at the discretion of the Chairperson.

4.  Periodically mails "Thinking of You" cards to shut-ins.

5.  Provided a $50.00 advance to cover cost of cards, postage, phone and other appropriate expenses. Is reimbursed by the Treasurer upon the submission of receipts.

6.  Reports expenses at the Executive Committee meeting.

7.  Solicits information and reports on member status at meetings and relays information to the Communications Committee for publication in "NEWSBITS".


Program Committee:


1.  Provides speakers and/or educational programs for the general membership meetings.




1.  Official group photographer for special functions.




1. Responsible for maintaining the group internet website.




By-Laws Committee:


1.       Makes changes, additions and deletions to the Group By-Laws and Operating Procedures when authorized by the Executive Committee.


Nominating Committee:


1.  Chairperson shall recruit members to assist in the election process.

2.  Committee shall initiate and implement the procedures outlined in the GOP under "Elections".


Blood Bank Coordinator:


1.  A volunteer member who maintains contact with the UNISYS Administrative Nurse to obtain information and the schedule for the UNISYS/RED CROSS Blood Bank.

2.  Encourages the membership to participate and donate to the Blood Bank via announcements at meetings and published notices in "NEWSBITS".

3.  Recruits and coordinates the activities of other volunteer members to assist the Nurse and Red Cross by "signing-in" donors.

4. Frequency of this activity is usually three (3) times per year.


Spring Luncheon:


1.  Schedules, organizes and arranges for the Spring Luncheon within budget restraints.  Items include site and menu selection, entertainment if applicable, and favors.  Prepare notice for publication in “NEWSBITS”.


Fall Luncheon:


1.       Schedules, organizes and arranges for the Fall Luncheon within budget restraints.  Items include site and menu selection, entertainment if applicable, and favors.  Prepare notice for publication in “NEWSBITS”.



1.       Solicits unique computer industry memorabilia for display in various sites and settings. 

2.       Consults with the sites to best display the memorabilia.

3.       Maintains a record of donations of memorabilia and funds, as well as the disposition of same.

4.       Authorized to make expenditures up to $25.00 per exhibit, for the proper display of the memorabilia. Expenditures greater then $25.00 require Executive Board approval.