(Reviewed June 2015)



Section 1. Establish a Non-Profit group to maintain social contact with retired and former employees and spouses of same of UNISYS, including all prior companies of UNISYS and to exchange information and news relative to both the members of the Retirees Group and UNISYS Corporation.


Description and functions data of Executive Committee, standing committees and ad hoc committees are detailed in the Group Operating Procedures (GOP).



Section 1. Membership in the group is open to all of the following:

A. A retired Unisys employee who is eligible to receive retirement benefits.

B. A former employee of the company.

C. The surviving spouse of a member.

D. The surviving spouse of a former employee.

E. An employee on long term disability who will unlikely return to active employment.

F. Honorary members.

Section 2. Any person meeting the qualifications in above Section 1 (A-E) may apply for membership in the group by completing an application form and shall be accepted as a member upon payment of annual dues.

Section 3. No qualifying applicant shall be excluded from membership in the group by reason of race, color, creed, age or sex.



Section 1. The Executive Committee shall have full power to conduct, administer and govern the affairs of the group and will be composed of:

A. The elected officers of the group.

B. Chairpersons of all standing committees.

C. Two (2) Trustees appointed by the President.

D. Past Presidents who have continued to be active members.

Section 2. Voting privileges of the Executive Committee are limited to only those positions outlined in Article III, Section 1.

Section 3. The President shall determine the time and place of Executive Committee meetings.

Section 4. The President shall call a special meeting of the Executive Committee at his/her discretion or upon request of a simple majority of the Executive Committee members.

Section 5. A quorum is required to hold an Executive Committee meeting. A quorum consists of at least one-half (1/2) of the Executive Committee members.

Section 6. A simple majority of the members attending Executive Committee meetings is required to pass a motion.



Section 7. The Executive Committee shall authorize special projects funding, monitor actual expenditures and conduct a year-end audit of Group funds. The Executive Committee, as a whole, performs the function of a Finance Committee

Section 8. The Executive Committee shall develop and maintain the Unisys Blue Bell Retirees Group Operating Procedures as an adjunct to these By-Laws.



Section 1. A retired Unisys employee who is eligible to receive retirement benefits or an active spouse may hold elective office, provided they have attended a minimum of three (3) general membership meetings during that calendar year.

Section 2. Officers of the group shall be the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer. After the year 2002 the term of office shall be two calendar years.

Section 3. In the event the President cannot serve the remainder of his/her term the office will be filled by the First Vice President and the Second Vice President will assume the office of the First Vice President. If the First Vice President cannot serve the remainder of his/her term the Second Vice President will fill the office. A vacancy in any other office, may be filled by the Executive Committee

Section 4. The Executive Committee may remove any elected officer from office whenever in its judgment the best interests of the group will be served thereby.

Section 5. Officers of the group shall serve without compensation, and shall not be held liable for group expenses.

Section 6. The succession of officers to serve temporarily as President in the event of the President's absence is the First Vice President, followed by the Second Vice President.



Section 1. Election of officers will be held every two years.



Section 1. The Executive Committee shall determine the frequency, time and the place of all General Membership meetings.

Section 2. The Executive Committee for sufficient cause may postpone any meeting of the group.

Section 3. Special meetings of the group may be called by the President or by written petition of ten members. Notice of a special meeting and the business to be conducted thereat, shall be given not less than 10 days nor more than 45 days prior to the meeting.

Section 4. The general procedures of meetings of the group shall be in harmony with the principles set forth in Robert's Rules of Order and that book shall be the final authority as to parliamentary procedure insofar as it does not conflict with any provisions of the group's By-Laws.



Section 1. The standing committees of the group shall be: Travel, Membership, Communications, Sunshine, Program (Speaker), Photographer, and Website Master.





Section 1. When, for the good and welfare of the Group, the Executive Committee deems it necessary to address special concerns and interests for the benefit of the general membership of the Group, it shall authorize the President to establish and name a Special Interest Committee or Task Force referred to as the Committee.

Section 2.

A. The committee may be independently structured but shall be bound by the principles, By-Laws and Operating Procedures of the Group, which take precedence over any other such document.

B. If legally required, the Committee may establish the necessary By-Laws and procedures providing they are in accordance with Section 2.A. above.

C. The Committee may be structured and function as an autonomous organization, recruiting persons from the general membership with the expertise and talents necessary to accomplish its mission.

D. Funding:

1. Normal funding for the operation of the Committee shall come from the general treasury of the Group and the Executive Committee must approve all expenses in advance.

2. When however it is determined that expenses will be extraordinary, the Executive Committee shall authorize the establishment of a separate accounting of monies acquired from the general membership by solicitation or increasing membership dues and budgeting a percentage of the Groups general fund to the special program.

E. The Committee shall not enter into any agreement, contract or membership with any individual, group or organization without prior approval of the Executive Committee.

F. The committee shall not contribute monies directly to any individual, group, organization or campaign. It may however recommend endorsement or organize support for any of the above, which it feels, will serve the interests, needs and will benefit the general membership.

G. Status and progress reports shall be presented at all Executive Committee meetings and periodically published in NEWSBITS and/or group website, or if appropriate, a special Newsletter.



Section 1. Annual membership dues shall be established by the Executive Committee and published in the Groups' Operating Procedures and the groups' newsletter.

Section 2. Upon the death of a member, the memberís spouse shall be given credit for the remainder of the paid-up dues and shall automatically become a member for the balance of that period. Said spouse, at his/her discretion can continue to be a full dues paying member of the group.

Section 3. Honorary members are exempt from payment of dues.



Section 1. An amendment can be proposed by any member in writing to the Executive Committee to add, change or delete a By-Law. The Executive Committee shall review, accept or reject the proposal. If accepted by the Executive Committee, adoption of the proposal shall be by a 2/3 vote of the members present at a general membership meeting provided a notice of the proposed amendment shall be given to all active members at least 30 days prior to such meeting.


Section 2. Upon adoption, a copy of the amendment shall be published in the next issue of the group's newsletter and shall be delivered to the Recording Secretary for attachment to the copy of the By-Laws filed, recorded and kept by the Recording Secretary.

Section 3. A copy of the By-Laws is available to any member upon request.



Section 1. NOTIFICATIONS: Whenever notice to the membership is required, the publishing of the notice shall appear in the next issue of the group's newsletter and shall constitute effective notice. Any notice to a member shall be deemed sufficiently given if mailed to the last Post Office address furnished to the Membership chairperson by the member.

Section 2. EXPENSES: This group and its members shall be responsible for normal operating expenses incurred at its direction in connection with its operation of functions and activities. Accordingly, the following are preauthorized limits granted to officers in connection with group business:

President -- $100.00

Vice Presidents -- $50.00

Treasurer -- $75.00

Recording Secretary -- $50.00

Corresponding Secretary -- $50.00

Newsbits Editor -- $75.00

Membership Chairperson -- $200.00

Section 3. DISSOLUTION: In the event of dissolution of the group, distribution of any funds after payment of any indebtedness shall be made to one or more non-profit educational, research or memorial funds as designated by the Executive Committee

Section 4. DISCLAIMER: The group shall not be responsible for nor assume liability for any injury to or expenses for any participant, incurred during any group activity. Each participant is responsible for any damages or injuries caused by him or her.